Shop for Original / Art Print 訂購資訊

** 3 STEPS EASY SHOP for Art Print (Limited Edition)收藏/訂購藝術家親簽畫作/ 限量數位藝術版畫收藏連絡方式  :
Note: Art print / canvas print will not embed Logo in the painting(藝術數位版畫將移除圖檔內的商標)

**Identify Pre-order Items 1-6預訂畫作材質 (1-6):
1. Original Painting 原創
2. Canvas cloth available 數位版畫布
3. Canvas Print available 數位版畫 (無框畫)
4. Art Paper available 藝術紙 (德國哈內姆勒藝術紙 / 日本Epson 藝術紙)
5. Postcard available 明信片 (15x10cm)
6. Ceramic painting (see below) 陶瓷畫

** Canvas print uses material of Giclee high quality canvas for printing and also provides exclusive unique hand-made coating process to avoid any discrepancy or interference of texture / viewing quality from original painting in the process of printing. Art paper uses material from Epson and / or German Hahnemuhle high quality paper printing.
採獨家高品質印刷 Giclee Print (藝術數位版畫)及獨家簽約防護塗料加層保護畫布,排除/降低因製作流程影響其印出的色彩及畫質。

STEP 2: 
Identify Pre-order Name of painting image and size prefer (註明預購畫作名稱及尺寸)

** Normal Standard Size A-C( Customized size available) 預訂以下一般尺寸 或客製化尺寸 :

Size A: 53 x 45.5 cm  
Size B: 60.5 x 72.5 cm
Size C: 91.5 x 72.5 cm

* Inquiry by email below indicating STEP 1 & STEP 2 for Price Quoting請註明以上並透過以下email 連絡報價:

Email :

Canvas Print Sample無框畫樣品:

*Other Print Products (Contact artist for more info)他客製文創 :
1) Cushion
2) Cloth Painting 

 *Ceramic Painting Sample:  (陶瓷畫作- 可單片訂購 ) 

                                                                  迎接豐盛 Abundance :

從左至右 (Meaning from Left to Right):
1.(恩典)恩典滿滿 Grace
2.(豐盛) 迎接豐盛 Abundance
3.(盼望)轉頭看,好事正在蘊釀中。你所走過的路徑,都滴下了祝福的脂油 Hope
4.(喜樂)豐收的喜樂 Joy

                                                                    愛慕 Adoration:

從左至右 (Meaning fm Left to Right):
1. (平安) 走,我們一起去旅行 Peace
2. (自由) 把手給我,讓我帶你飛 Freedom
3. (愛) 踏出去,勇敢去愛 Love and Courage
4. (獨特的你)用心感受,你是獨特的 New Life / Uniqueness

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