Warrior (Riding the Waves 乘風破浪) |Italy Art Diamond Award


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Warrior Riding on Waves|頌之藝 Gloria Patri Gallery

Size: 91x72.5cm

Mixed Media

**Original or limited edition signed art print available

Contact: gloriapatrigallery@Gmail.com







(船上承載各樣寶物diamond and crystals)

Dancing on the keyboard

Dancing in colorful lyrics

My heart moves in splendid waves

Grasping the Vision

Moving forward unceasingly

Dancing in a gorgeous life

This boat represents every one of us carrying precious gifts , talent and creativity sailing on the life path.  Once you are moving forward, the splendid waves will follow you.

Wish you can be brave to take every step of your life.  To play your own melody in the keyboard.  Although the path is steep, the grace of rain always be with us.  

May you are willing to try every step that you love

Be braved to take action

And be braved to be responsible for the outcomes

And be braved to move forward again


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