Coming of King 榮耀的君王將要進城【焉知你得了皇后的位份不是為著現今的機會?】

                                                    Coning of King | Oil Painting/ King is Coming

"...If you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish.

 And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?..."

Book of Esther 4:14

Your time is coming

Be prepared

Be prepared

The light is to shine

Shine upon the Darkness

Darkness starts to sing

Singing the praise

The Praise is to shout

Shout for the world

Your time is coming

Your time is coming

-- Be courageous to do the right thing--


⭐️收藏此限量版畫請 email Jenny : gloriapatrigallery@gmail.com,

⭐️客製限量精品畫作 【Jenny為您選訂適合您環境的畫作
Exclusive Arts/ Commission Arts, pls contact artist Jenny at gloriapatrigallery@gmail.com


1. 我的創作風格與畫中語言詮釋: 透過我的畫作色彩及形式來幫助人們了解情緒、減輕壓力和提高心理健康。

2. 我的畫作相關議題的表述: 藝術真理,藝術療癒,藝術啟發,內. 在療癒,藝術創作,藝術治療,藝術與生命,靜心舒壓,內在旅程,故事探索,能量哲學,藝術哲學,藝術心理,靜心舒壓,繪畫圖像治療,視覺心理,視覺心理療法,色彩療法,圖像療法,視覺化練習,繪畫療法,繪畫療法

3. 我的畫作是一種視覺心理療法: 將視覺圖像和心理學相結合的療癒方法,可以幫助人們通過視覺刺激來調節情緒和減輕心理壓力,讓人感到舒適和放鬆。

上帝的藝術 Art of Soul, Art of God

My creative style and interpretation of the language in my paintings: Through the use of color and form in my paintings, I aim to help people for the emotional healing, alleviate stress, and improve their mental health.

The expression of the themes in my paintings: Truth in art, art as healing, art as inspiration, inner healing, art creation, art therapy, art and life, mindfulness and stress reduction, inner journey, story exploration, energy philosophy, art philosophy, art psychology, drawing and image therapy, visual psychology, visual therapy, color therapy, image therapy, visualization exercises, and painting therapy.

My paintings are a form of visual psychology therapy: By combining visual imagery with psychology, this healing method can help people regulate their emotions and reduce psychological stress through visual stimulation, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation.

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