Arise & Shine 興起發光 (獲選法國秋季沙龍120周年大展|英國倫敦國際藝術創意獎)

                                   Le Salon D'Automn Exhibition | London Int'l Creative Competition

                                              Arise & Shine |116.5x80cm| Acrylic
                                                           [ Copyright Reserved ]


我的畫作在大自然光下更顯它所要表達的。 它不需要太多外來的裝飾或言語。 乃是安靜的在這呈現它自己。

My painting is expressive and os outstanding in the nature light.  It doesn't need to much words or extra embellishment to explain its presentation.  She is just there.

You take me fly

You give me strength

You raise  me up

You shine upon me

The colorful feather 

Within You

The bright life are to take off

Arise and Shine

-Poem by aritst Jenny Liao-

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