Heart of Lightness - Story of Dancing Girl [International Artist/Speaker/Trainer Taiwan]

      Heart of Lightness-Story of Dancing Girl 91x72.5cm |頌之藝



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Exhibition Venue: Italy Florence Biennale Contemporary Art & Design Exhibition

                             Interview by Italy Florence Biennale Exhibition 2023-Heart of Lightness

                              My name is Wen Chun ( Jenny) liao from Taiwan. I am an international artist ,speaker and trainer of creative painting . I  am honor to participate this great exhibition in Italy Florence biennale 2013. 

My paintings convey stories of a dancing girl in a gallery called Gloria Patri Gallery  .  My paintings are mostly abstract and expressionism, and bring comfort, healing and enlightenment to viewers.

I paint to express my true feeling toward the Creator as He leads me to the art industry and complete me as a whole. 

I have wrote a poem for this painting:

The light has come

Each connects to each

The light has come

Each becomes one ‘s dream part

The light has come

I am in you

The light has come

You are in me 

The heart of lightness

Shine for the world 

By artist Jenny Liao | Taiwan

I like to share you Story of my painting: 

💎It’s like in the galaxies and flower blossoming like City of Florence. Every one of us is collectively forming this light with different and unique selves. Every different color of the star representing each one of our own unique stories, and collectively we are writing a story for the universal Creator. And each one of ours stories will be parts of others’ story to bring out lightness to other’s life. So, I am in you .we are collectively forming each other’s story .As each one of us is so unique,  no one can be replaced but collectively forming this Heart of Lightness. 

As our heart shines for ourselves and for others, we together are collectively as one unity. The unity is made of variety and diversity of these colorful stars. It is like all the artist collectively in this exhibition representing as a whole. Only a single color is not so abundant, but with many colorful stars representing every one of our hearts, and they will light up brighter to the world, to make the world more interesting to live and see. 


May my artwork of Heart of Lightness give you courage , hope and revelation to move on and fulfill your dreams and awaken others dreams as well. 

💎I am you , and I found you in  me 

Thank you for being part of my dream!

Heart of Lightness @ Gloria Patri Gallery (art exhibition in Italy Florence Contemporary Art Exhibition)

In Gloria Patri Gallery

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